Make it Green - Bring Nature into Your Home

Find inspiration in rainforest vegetation and discover idyllic works of art!

Perfect Harmony

Humans and nature in perfect balance

Katalin Vasali: Eden III
Katalin Vasali: Eden III.

Nature has a calming effect on people. So do new LUMAS artist Katalin Vasali's compositions of wildly growing flowers, trees, and foliage. These works show the captivating diversity of forms found in the rainforest. In her artful arrangement, Vasali reassembles individual pieces and adjusts their lighting to create completely harmonious landscapes on the other side of reality.

Invigorating Art

In dazzling shades of green

In dazzling shades of green
In dazzling shades of green

The sheer abundance of life found in nature is spiritually invigorating. Discover the work of artist Sanda Anderlon, whose large-format panoramas are fantastically overloaded with colorful goings-on. From delicate flowers to parrots to laughing people, the Croatian artist’s seek and find pieces are reminiscent of early Pop Art collages. Anderlon transforms parts of photographs and illustrations into wonderful works of art!


Create your own nature paradise with expert tips from Igor Josifovic

Igor Josifovic

Igor Josifovic writes about his passion for extraordinary design on Happy Interior Blog ( The home and living expert uses green accents to connect inside and outside space, bringing a piece of nature into his home. Instagram: @igorjosif.

Think of a sunlit forest or an expansive mountain range – what do you associate with the great outdoors?

Freedom, a state of being untouched, alpha and omega, the beginning and the end. To me, nature represents the circle of life and everything that makes us who we are.

Does your mood change when you look at art with wildly growing foliage or blooming flowers?

Reactions to art and interpretations of it are very subjective. I keep coming back to the fascinating world of details found in nature to create new inspiration. Green works of art have the incredible ability to mentally transport me to another place.

Olaf Hajek: The Great Egret
Olaf Hajek: The Great Egret

"A work of art inspired by nature can breathe life into a room. I surround this kind of art with real plants to create an indoor jungle effect."

Igor Josifovic

What does the color green mean to you? Why do you use green accents in your interior decorating?

The color green adds a grounding element to the interior design. With green accents, I connect the indoor and outdoor worlds with each other, bringing a piece of nature into my own home.

How can works of art inspired by nature’s greenery change a room? How would you feature a piece like that in your home?

A work of art inspired by nature can breathe life into a room. I surround this kind of part with real plants to create an indoor jungle effect. The boundaries between artfully displayed nature and real nature become blurred, and the greens in both elements synergize.


Art in its Natural Habitat: Our Customers' Homes

Olaf Hajek: Flowers
Olaf Hajek: Flowers
@wienerwohnsinn – via Instagram
Jens Hausmann: Modern house interior
Jens Hausmann: Modern house interior.
@lumas_budapest – via Instagram
Olaf Hajek: African Beauty
Olaf Hajek: African Beauty
@igorjosif – via Instagram
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